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Better At Home FAQs

How can I get a referral for this service?

You can contact us on +61 2 7908 2826. You can also ask your Surgeon or General Practitioner to send a referral through to hst@betterrehab.com.au or fax it to +61 2 8068 1946.

One of the health funds that we are partnered with is HCF. If you are an HCF member and would like to learn more about at-home rehabilitation, please click here.

Do I pay a fee or a gap payment to join the program?

If you belong to a participating health fund and are eligible under your level of cover, there are no upfront or GAP payments.

Do you liaise directly with my GP and Surgeon?

Yes, we do. We will ensure that your progress is appropriately and consistently communicated to your Surgeon and GP throughout your rehabilitation journey.

What is the benefit of receiving home based therapy rather than inpatient or day only rehab?

Research indicates that clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction in home rehabilitation are comparable to that of conventional orthopaedic rehabilitation. There is increasing evidence that patients find home rehabilitation as effective or better than hospital based rehabilitation. Rehabilitation in the home further empowers patients to begin their rehabilitation in many circumstances sooner and in the comfort and familiarity of their own environment, avoiding the time, costs and inconvenience associated with travelling to facilities.

Buhagiar MA, Naylor JM, Harris IA, Xuan W, Kohler F, Wright R, Fortunato R. Effect of Inpatient Rehabilitation vs a Monitored Home-Based Program on Mobility in Patients With Total Knee Arthroplasty: The HIHO Randomized Clinical Trial. JAMA. 2017;317(10):1037–1046. doi:10.1001/jama.2017.1224

Pastora-Bernal JM, Martín-Valero R, Barón-López FJ, Estebanez-Pérez MJ. Evidence of Benefit of Telerehabitation After Orthopedic Surgery: A Systematic Review. J Med Internet Res. 2017 Apr 28;19(4):e142. doi: 10.2196/jmir.6836. PMID: 28455277; PMCID: PMC5429438.

Are there fees for cancelling?

Yes. There is a cancellation fee if you cancel without 48 hours’ prior notice. Your treating clinician will discuss this with you.

Am I required to pay the invoice?

No, Better Rehab will liaise directly with your health fund.

How do I connect remotely?

At Better Rehab, we use the latest innovative technology to ensure that your experience, even if remote, helps you achieve the best outcomes. The admin team and treating clinician will assist you in the setup and orientation of the service before commencing the program.

How does the complimentary equipment package work?

Your treating clinician will discuss this further with you. We will ensure that the item is appropriate and assists with your surgical needs. We will arrange this with you on your first session with us.


Better Rehab Occupational Therapists help participants find ways to enhance their day-to-day life and social connectivity. Learn More
Better Rehab Speech Pathologists help participants with a range of difficulties, including speech, communication and swallowing. Learn More
Better Rehab Physiotherapists help participants get the most out of life through a range of tailored treatments and therapies. Learn More
Better Rehab Exercise Physiologists help participants improve fatigue levels, coordination, balance and strength.
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Better Rehab Behaviour Support Specialists develop intervention plans to improve quality of life and reduce behaviours of concern. Learn More

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Better Rehab’s hospital substitute treatment (HST) program lets eligible health fund members have in-home rehab after surgery. Learn More
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