Occupational Therapy Careers at Better Rehab

An Occupational Therapy career at Better Rehab gives clinicians of all levels of seniority the opportunity to make a bigger difference in the lives of OT participants, either as stand-alone treatment or as part of a multidisciplinary approach.

Enabled by industry-leading clinical supervision, targeted support, unrivalled growth and development opportunities, and a truly special values-driven culture, you will apply evidence-based practice to deliver quality client outcomes in an environment that strives for clinical excellence.


Working as a Better Rehab Occupational Therapist

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Working at Better Rehab means working alongside passionate people. It means waking up every day loving what you do and being surrounded by people that think and feel and view the world in a similar way.

It means working for a company that actively encourages OTs to find innovative solutions and push the boundaries in order to deliver a better quality of life to clients. It means getting the support you need to ensure you feel confident in every step you take with your participants – and on your professional journey.

It means having versatility and flexibility to explore the many varied areas within Occupational Therapy, so that every day is truly completely different – and better.



Meet some Better Rehab OTs

Better Rehab OTs love seeing how every little ‘win’ adds up to making the biggest difference to our clients’ lives. Some of our passionate clinicians share why they love what they do – and how it helps make Better Rehab a better place to work.

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Since Better Rehab was founded in 2017, we have helped thousands of participants live better lives through our Occupational Therapy support and services.

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