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Our team of Allied Health professionals are dedicated to achieving your goals with the highest standards of care. Backed by our diverse and comprehensive experience across all our disciplines, we also contribute to the progression and development of professional practice standards in Allied Health.


Occupational Therapists

Our Occupational Therapists help you achieve your goals and participate in activities that are meaningful to you. We assess individual needs and design appropriate plans for your lifelong support. We offer assistance with daily living skills, sensory needs and fine/gross motor skills, as well as home modifications and assistive technology acquisition.

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 Speech Pathologists

Our Speech Pathologists support individuals with a range of communication or swallowing difficulties due to conditions such as stroke, brain injury, hearing loss or other congenital or acquired conditions. We conduct communication and swallowing assessments and formulate individualised intervention plans for you, with a strong emphasis on evidence-based practice and person-centred care.

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Our Physiotherapists design tailor-made exercise programs aimed at restoring or maintaining functional movement patterns, to help those affected by injury or illness. Better Rehab Physiotherapists can assess your abilities and design appropriate therapy plans, employing evidence-based practice to assist with seating and positioning, hydrotherapy, respiratory devices, functional fitness, movement analysis, falls prevention and chronic disease management.

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Exercise Physiologists

Our Exercise Physiologists specialise in the design and delivery of clinical exercise interventions, health and physical activity education and lifestyle modification strategies. We help improve your fitness and health through exercise and healthy eating programs, ensuring that you receive the most beneficial and appropriate strategies to reach your fitness goals.

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Positive Behaviour Practitioners

Our Positive Behaviour Support Practitioners work with participants and their support network to provide tailor-made solutions for behaviours of concern. Our approach looks at your strengths, interests and motivators to help you overcome challenges and increase independence in daily life. Our PBS practitioners have extensive training in the behaviour support field.

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Freddy – Health & Wellbeing Manager

Freddy joined the Better Rehab team as Health & Wellbeing Manager. He graduated from Woofsdale University with a paw-h-d in chicken nuggets quality control. His expertise includes making people happy, tail wags, swimming, sleeping and barking at other dogs!

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At Better Rehab, we gather together a team who share a passion for delivering the highest level of care, genuinely love what they do and work hard to achieve the very best outcomes for our participants. We are committed to providing a safe, collaborative, productive and fun working environment for everybody who works with us!

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