Your Time,
Your Choice!

Introducing the industry-first
Better Flex Program

At Better Rehab, we’re always looking for ways to make life better for our clinicians, as well as our participants. We want to make sure every Better Rehabber feels empowered and motivated to deliver the best participant outcomes, and love what they do!

So we’ve developed the Better Flex Program designed to deliver the ultimate work-life balance.

How does Better Flex work?

Instead of being tied to a set daily schedule like most Allied Health providers, things are better at Better Rehab! Thanks to our unique Better Flex Program, you choose the days and times you work.

  • Want to see participants in the morning, spend the afternoon at the beach and then write reports in the evening?
  • Or maybe you need to be able to do the morning and afternoon school run and make sure you can go to school events?
  • How about scheduling appointments and other work so you always get a long weekend?

You can do all this with Better Flex!

In fact, as long as you hit your required PCH and always meet your participants’ needs, pretty much anything is possible with Better Flex.

What’s better about Better Flex?

The beauty of Better Flex is that it can be tailored to your situation and needs. We can facilitate various work patterns, from flexible schedules to compressed work periods to staggered working hours. We can also create ad hoc arrangements based on your commitment to the team, and of course to your participants.


If you have any questions, email our Talent Acquisition team at myfuture@betterrehab.com.au for a confidential discussion.