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Paediatrics and Adolescence Services

Occupational Therapy for Children

Better Rehab’s experienced Occupational Therapists support children to develop the necessary skills in order to participate meaningfully in everyday activities. We empower carers to provide the necessary supports to encourage their child’s independence. We address challenges in sensory, motor, academic and socio-emotional development for children. We will work closely with you as the parent, carer or guardian to set meaningful goals and create a plan that will utilise your child’s strengths and support them overcoming the barriers they face in daily life.
Our Occupational Therapists can assist with:
  • Everyday routines and increased independence with self-care skills including feeding, toileting and dressing
  • Play skills
  • Fine motor skills including cutting, handwriting and effective bilateral hand use
  • Making friends
  • Self-regulation skills (emotional regulation and sensory regulation)
  • Sensory processing and increasing meaningful participation in all environments
  • Access to the home and school environment
  • Access to the school curriculum
  • Participation in learning activities
  • Participation in the community
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Paediatrics and Adolescence Services

Speech Therapy for Children

Empowering a child to communicate confidently and effectively can transform their life. Our Speech Pathologists or ‘Speechies’ work with children who have difficulty with speaking, listening, understanding language, reading, writing, stuttering or social skills. We also help with swallowing, chewing or other feeding milestones. We can prescribe the latest Augmentative and Alternative Communication and assistive technologies where necessary. Our Speechies will help find the best strategies to support a child’s development and meet their needs in communication.

Our Speech Therapists can assist with:
  • Helping children reach their communication and mealtime goals
  • Establishing multiple ways to communicate
  • Learning to use new words and sounds
  • Understanding the world around them
  • Using technology to support communication development
  • Exploring new textures for fussy eaters
  • Eating and drinking safely
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Paediatrics and Adolescence Services

Physiotherapy for Children

Our Physiotherapists or 'Physios' understand that children aren’t just mini adults and that their needs are different. Our Physios are comfortable working with children who have a variety of different presentations. We recognise how important movement is to support children to explore and interact with their worlds, and how this interaction links not only to gross motor development but to your child’s thinking, learning, communication, and behaviours. Your child might benefit from Physiotherapy if they have delayed motor milestones, unusual patterns of movement, difficulty with their motor skills, are clumsy or uncoordinated or have a condition that affects their muscles, bones, joints or breathing.

Our Physiotherapists can assist with:
  • Gross motor development
  • Increasing mobility and physical health
  • Increasing strength, coordination, and flexibility
  • Pain management
  • Breathing and chest support
  • Assistance with 24-hour positioning
  • Recreation and play, e.g. finding the right bike or equipment for your child
  • Coaching on how to support your child’s physical needs
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Paediatrics and Adolescence Services

Positive Behaviour Support for Children

All behaviour is a form of communication, and our Positive Behaviour Support practitioners are trained to understand what needs a child is communicating and help them find ways to express them better. With your support and involvement as parent, carer or guardian, we will complete a thorough assessment and develop strategies to encourage positive behaviour and provide a safe environment for your child.

Our Positive Behaviour Support practitioners can assist with:
  • Managing or reducing behaviours of concern (e.g. verbal/physical aggression)
  • Building meaningful relationships with others
  • Building communication skills to express needs and wants
  • Development of a behaviour support plan
  • Coping with change and transitions
  • Coaching on how to best support your child
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