Rosy gets back on her scooter after two years

Learn how Rosy worked hard to regain her mobility and independence!

Hooray for Physio! After two long years of not being able to use her scooter, it only took two months of Physiotherapy support for Rosy to be able to move around the community again!

Rosy has been living with spina bifida since birth. This is a condition wherein the spine does not form normally. After discharge from hospital admission in 2019, Rosy lost the ability to safely move herself from her wheelchair to her scooter. This meant she also lost the ability to move around the community on her own.

Rosy’s goal was to complete her transfers without any risk of falls, and without causing manual handling injuries to her carers. Her Physiotherapist Radhika assisted in acquiring a transfer aid (Sara Flex) and trained Rosy and her carers on how to use it. Now Rosy can safely transfer from her wheelchair to her scooter, lounge chair and bed!

You can see how happy Rosy is to be up and about on her scooter once again!

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