Our Story

It began with a simple idea: better services in Occupational Therapy for people with a disability.

Rachel Brimblecombe was working as a university lecturer in the Allied Health profession when she grew disappointed with the disability services available to the community.

She envisioned bringing together like-minded Allied Health professionals dedicated to providing the highest level of care. People who genuinely loved what they did and wanted to achieve outstanding participant results.

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Rachel was also keen to do away with bureaucracy and outdated funding models that encouraged the idea of seeing people with disability quickly rather than effectively.

With these goals in mind, Rachel established the company in 2014 and captured her vision in its name: Better Rehab.

This proved to be exactly what the community needed, as the response to Better Rehab’s services over the years has been exceptional. Better Rehab has now grown from a single room to several locations across Australia, expanding our services from Occupational Therapy to include other disciplines such as Speech Pathology, Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology and Positive Behaviour Support.

No matter how big we grow, we continue to be guided by the values that have driven us from the very beginning. We will always provide people-centred and community-based services tailored to the needs of the people in our care. We continue to champion their choices and provide them with the attention and care that they deserve.

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At Better Rehab, we gather together a team who share a passion for delivering the highest level of care, genuinely love what they do and work hard to achieve the very best outcomes for our participants. We are committed to providing a safe, collaborative, productive and fun working environment for everybody who works with us!

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Our Stories

Danial receives multidisciplinary support from Better Rehab

Danial’s motivation, combined with support from Better Rehab, led to him slowly regaining his movement and his language skills!

Our Stories

Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy team up for Craig

Better Rehab collaborates with the Yerin Muru Bara NDIS Team!  

Our Stories

Dennis gains comfort and independence with assistive tech

Three assistive technologies help Dennis shower, sit and move about safely and comfortably.