Positive Behaviour Support Practitioners

Our positive Behaviour Support Practitioners work closely with our participants, their families and support network to develop individualised strategies to reduce behaviours of concern and live their best life!

Better Rehab has qualified, and accredited, practitioners dedicated to providing behaviour support services to participants of all ages with a disability.

We take an interdisciplinary approach to our interventions and work closely with Occupational Therapists, Speech Pathologists and Physiotherapists to ensure that a holistic service is provided.

We work collaboratively with the individual, their families, carers, support workers and other support networks to ensure that we deliver a person-centred service that focuses on capacity building to develop strategies that can improve quality of life and reduce behaviours of concern.

At Better Rehab we truly respect our participants’ voice and we value the connections between a person’s physical, emotional, spiritual and family wellbeing

NSW Schools Specialist Allied Health Services Scheme

Our Behaviour Support Service can include one or many of the following interventions:

Individualised assessment to develop a Behaviour Support Plan
Behaviour support recommendations and interventions
Training and mentoring of family, carers and support workers.
Regular monitoring of Behaviour Support Plans
Advice and training on Restrictive Practices as per legislation. It is important to note that the ultimate goal is to reduce or eliminate the use of restrictive practices.
Capacity building and skill development
Interdisciplinary and stakeholder meetings to form appropriate recommendations and intervention plans.
Initial behaviour assessments and recommendations to support NDIS Plan Reviews and the allocation of Behaviour Support funding (Improved Relationships).

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