Happier than a pig stuck in mud!

Better Rehab Physiotherapist, Revathy helps Scott achieve his goal of being able to walk unaided.

Meet Scott. Scott has been engaging in Physiotherapy with Better Rehab since May 2019. At the time of his initial assessment, Scott utilised a walking stick when walking short distances indoors and outdoors. He also demonstrated difficulties when completing his bed transfers and significantly reduced balance when standing and walking.

Since commencing his therapy sessions with our Physiotherapist Revathy, Scott has been able to successfully achieve his goals of being able to walk unaided, and safely complete his bed transfers, as well as improve his leg strength and balance! Scott is a great example of how optimism and dedication play a pivotal role in achieving personal goals. With assistance and encouragement from Revathy, Scott has been able to achieve all of his Physiotherapy goals in the space of just 4 months!

Scott has also advised that due to feeling more confident on his feet, he looks forward to dancing the night away every weekend with his partner and their friends.

This photo was taken when Scott was trialling his over the toilet aid following a successful exercise session. He was so ecstatic about his progress with his therapy and the new equipment provided by his Occupational Therapist (Cayleigh) that he requested to capture this moment.

Scott advised that he was “happier than a pig stuck in mud!” and that he would like to thank everyone who has been involved in his care. Well done Scott! You are an absolute legend!

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