Michelle bonds with family with her new device

Michelle finally finds a suitable device to help her speak to the people she loves!

Michelle had a stroke in 1992 which led to significant difficulties with her communication. She needed a communication device to aid her in speaking to her family and other important people in her life. It has been a long and trying search with many setbacks along the way, but she and her family have not given up!

Fortunately, the difficult journey ended this year when her communication device was approved through her Speech Pathologist Marianne. The device has allowed Michelle to chat with her family and has strengthened her bond with her sister Debbie and her grandchildren.

According to Debbie, “Since Michelle received her device, she has enjoyed her newfound skills of communication to enjoy chatting with her grandchildren and family. There also has been slight improvement in her verbal enunciation and many laughs have happened navigating through the visual prompts. We are one very happy family!”

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