Natalie gets a high-tech upgrade

Natalie’s Speech Pathologist helps her acquire the communication device of her dreams!

Nat has cerebral palsy and has been using paper-based communication aids to express herself. But paper is no longer enough to fulfill her communication needs. When her Speech Pathologist Rebecca met with her, Nat knew exactly what upgrade she wanted due to a previous assessment – the NeuroNode Trilogy!

Rebecca worked hard alongside her team and device supplier Control Bionics to make this happen. She guided Natalie through a device trial via Telehealth, and worked with her on further trials of the NeuroNode as well as trials of multiple other switches and access methods to demonstrate why this device was the best one for Natalie. After 18 months, the long wait is finally over!

Immediately after setup, Rebecca asked Nat if she liked her new device, and Nat used the NeuroNode to reply “Yes!” After a bit of exploring through the different apps on the system, she was also able to request something to eat and drink.

Nat hopes to work at an op-shop as a volunteer, and she can’t wait to continue using the device to connect with other people and develop her customer service skills.

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