Adrian’s recovery journey through physical training and motivation

Let’s look at how Exercise Physiology improved Adrian’s physical stamina and strength.


Adrian is a 45-year-old cyclist from Victoria. He has always been passionate about fitness and had hoped to engage in long distance cycling.

During the pandemic, Adrian felt a drop in his energy levels that also caused severe fatigue, reduced coordination and balance.

He reached out to Better Rehab to help regain his energy levels and stabilise endurance. He began a personalised training schedule with Sharania, our Exercise Physiologist.

Sharania was happy to mention that “Adrian has really improved in the last 2 months, progressing from single task to dual task exercises, improving his overall coordination. This is due to his determination to do his home exercise programs 2-3 days a week.”

Watch our video to find out!

Adrian’s progress has been wonderful! He hopes to be more active in the community, engage in more independent physical exercises at home and seek employment opportunities in the future.

He also looks forward to long distance cycling and we would be happy to see Adrian strive towards his goals!

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