Brett builds muscle strength at the gym

Brett’s Physiotherapist lends support in his transition from home exercises to the gym!

Brett has been experiencing a progressive loss of muscle strength that has caused him challenges in performing daily activities, including completing transfers in and out of his wheelchair. While he is able to build muscle strength through home exercises, he wants to keep motivating and challenging himself.

Brett wants the option of accessing a greater variety of exercises. He also wants to monitor his progression and increase resistance where appropriate.

With the help of his Physiotherapist Adina, he began his gym program last year and achieved incredible results! Attending the gym gave Brett that extra boost of motivation. Brett now exercises at the gym 3 to 4 times a week, which is a massive increase from his fortnightly home exercises.

His regular gym sessions added variety not only to his workouts but to his social life as well – he now has a great network of people that he sees there regularly.

Brett plans to continue accessing the gym as long as possible so he can continue to maintain his muscle strength and independence!

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