Paediatric NDIS early childhood services

Our clinicians are passionate about helping children in their care overcome challenges, gain confidence, and ultimately be ready to excel in whatever they set out to accomplish.

making sure young participants receive personalised care

Multidisciplinary Early Childhood Approach services

As a registered NDIS allied health provider, we have clinicians who provide paediatric care for all our services.

Occupational therapy

Helping people become independent in daily tasks and improve their quality of life.

Speech pathology

Supporting participants in communication and swallowing to live life the way they want to.


Enhancing movement and function, for people to get around their home and community on their terms.

Exercise physiology

Exercise-based support for participants to improve their physical and mental capacity.

Positive behaviour support

Supporting participants to increase their independence and improve their quality of life.

Our clinicians support young participants to achieve their goals. Enquire today to learn how.

Paediatric telehealth solutions

We know it can be difficult to get children and young adult participants to clinics. Visits can be disruptive for family and school time, especially if travel is involved.

That’s why we provide paediatric telehealth services, ensuring children can get the same convenient care.

Our supporting services


Access experienced NDIS support from home with our telehealth services.

Allied health assistants

Support from an allied health assistant to help implement your plan.

Private paid

Allied health services for those without NDIS funding

Hear from our happy participants


How do you ensure that services are child-friendly and engaging?
Our clinicians use a variety of playful and interactive methods to capture the interest of children. We aim to foster a positive environment where children can learn and develop their skills.
Absolutely. We involve parents and caregivers in the therapy process, providing guidance and support. Collaborating with families ensures a cohesive approach and maximises the positive impact.
Our paediatric services cater to a broad age range, from infants through to young adults. We tailor our approach to suit the age and specific needs of each participant.
Our skilled clinicians use observational techniques, non-verbal strategies, and assessment tools to communicate. This sensitive approach ensures all children receive the care and support they need.
The Bandicoot program is Better Rehab’s dedicated initiative for ECA and paediatric care. Our clinicians are highly experienced in supporting the unique needs of young participants.
We provide Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology, and Positive Behaviour Support. Each of these services is tailored to meet the developmental and physiological needs of children and young adults.
Yes, our paediatric services are available through Telehealth. We’re committed to providing convenient access to specialised care for children and families in need.
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