Dedicated to making a difference

It all started with a simple idea

Rachel’s vision was to provide better services in occupational therapy for people living with disability. Whilst working as a university lecturer, Rachel grew disappointed with the disability services available to the community.

As a qualified occupational therapist, she envisioned bringing together like-minded Allied Health professionals dedicated to providing the highest level of care—people who genuinely loved what they did and wanted to achieve outstanding participant results.

Rachel was also keen to do away with bureaucracy and outdated funding models that encouraged the idea of seeing people with disability quickly rather than effectively.

It was from this vision and determination that Rachel founded Better Rehab, creating an organisation run by Allied Health professionals committed to making a real difference.

The start of something new

With these goals in mind, Rachel established the company in 2017 and captured her vision in its name: Better Rehab.

This proved to be exactly what the community needed, as the response to Better Rehab’s services over the years has been exceptional. Better Rehab has now grown from a single room to several locations across Australia, expanding our services from Occupational Therapy to include other disciplines such as Speech Pathology, Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology and Positive Behaviour Support.

No matter how big we grow, we continue to be guided by the values that have driven us from the very beginning. We will always provide people-centred and community-based services tailored to the needs of the people in our care. We continue to champion their choices and provide them with the attention and care that they deserve.

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for people living with a disability or health condition.

What’s next for Better Rehab?

Better Rehab has come a long way since 2017, and we believe there’s still much more we can accomplish. Our goal is to help over 500,000 people in the next 10 years. To achieve this, we are committed to continually improving our existing services, advocating for our participants, and developing more opportunities to enhance their lives.

We also strive to establish ourselves even more firmly as the employer of choice for allied health professionals. By creating a supportive and rewarding work environment, we aim to attract and retain the best talent in the industry, ensuring the highest quality of care for our participants.

Want to be a Better Rehabber?

Better Rehab brings together a team of passionate professionals dedicated to delivering the highest level of care. Our team members genuinely love what they do and are committed to achieving the best outcomes for our participants. We foster a safe, collaborative, and productive environment where everyone can thrive and have fun.

Anyone wishing to join us will experience professional development, comprehensive supervision, and ongoing professional growth opportunities.

Experience a workplace where your expertise is valued, your development is prioritised, and your contributions make a real difference.

Our values make us who we are

Love what you do

We're driven by a shared commitment to achieve remarkable outcomes. We strive to foster an environment of enthusiasm and commitment.

We are people people

We genuinely care about our interactions with each other and our participants, and are proudly free of politics and bureaucracy.

Frankly, we give a damn

We're dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of those we support, and we're committed to providing our team with the resources they need to do just that.

We get sh*t done!

Our participants and colleagues rely on us. We don’t waste time, and we work hard to help people achieve goals they never thought possible.

We Value Ourselves

We have confidence in our skills, training and experience. We recognise if and when we need support. We care for ourselves in order to care for others.

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