NDIS physiotherapy services

Maximise participation and improve quality of life with our person-centred physiotherapy.

Your goals are our goals

Whether it’s improving specific aspects or increasing overall independence, our support aligns with these goals. This personalised approach ensures that every participant receives the help they need.

Physiotherapy is more than individual support; it’s a team effort. Our clinicians also work with participants’ families and support networks. By involving everyone, we create an environment where all aspects of support are aligned.

By working together, the support our physios provide can have a lasting impact for everyone involved.

Physiotherapy for a wide range of needs

Assistive Technology

Receive support from AT devices such as wheelchairs (manual and power), walking aids, standing frames, tricycles and other assistive equipment.

Falls and balance assessment

Gain awareness of the factors leading to falls and receive support to overcome these. Improve mobility and confidence in daily activities with training and home safety assessments.

Mobility assessment

Understand factors that impact walking and gain the support needed to improve this with tailored plans for building strength, flexibility, and independence.

Respiratory physiotherapy

Support to help coughing, frequent chest infections or other breathing concerns with tailored strategies and support with assistive devices.


Utilise water’s buoyancy for low-impact rehabilitation. Tailored sessions improve muscle strength, joint mobility, and overall fitness.

Capacity building

Increase participation and independence in daily tasks for neurological, progressive neuro, and paediatric participants through tailored therapy.

With clinics across Australia, support is always nearby

Better Rehab has clinics and offices spanning major cities and key urban centres. Our clinicians are also able to provide tailored therapy solutions by telehealth.

Across all our sites, our operating hours are 8:30am to 5pm.

Our physiotherapists support participants to achieve their goals. Enquire today to learn how.

We offer more than traditional physiotherapy services

Our physiotherapists have experience in all aspects of disability specific therapy. We help participants reach their goals with treatment options that fit their needs.

As a registered multidisciplinary NDIS allied health provider, we can offer physiotherapy either as a standalone service or as part of a holistic plan.

Hear from our happy participants


What is NDIS physiotherapy?
NDIS physiotherapy helps people who have mobility issues or chronic pain. Our physiotherapists work with participants to improve their movement and manage pain.
We offer a variety of physiotherapy services, including hydrotherapy, neuro, fall and movement assessments, respiratory, and paediatric.
You can receive our physiotherapy services either in our clinics or at your home. We aim to provide support in the most convenient setting for you.
Physiotherapy can help by providing strategies to improve mobility, reduce discomfort, manage respiratory conditions, and improve overall quality of life. It can also help children develop skills in a playful and interactive environment.
Yes, as a multidisciplinary NDIS allied health provider, we can offer physiotherapy as part of an overall health plan. Our physiotherapists work alongside other specialists to provide comprehensive care.
You can begin by submitting our referral form. If you have any questions or need assistance, our team is ready to help. Just use our enquiry form to get in touch, and we’ll guide you through the process.
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