Providing Allied Health services, including Occupational Therapy, Speech Pathology, Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology and Positive Behaviour Support, to the Sydney region of New South Wales.
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Welcome to Better Rehab Sydney

Better Rehab has been proudly helping Sydney communities redefine possible since 2017. Covering the entire greater Sydney region, from the Central Coast in the north to the Blue Mountains in the west and Sutherland Shire in the south, Better Rehab Sydney provides the in-home and telehealth services and support you need to meet your needs and achieve your goals. Our team of skilled, passionate Occupational Therapists, Speech Pathologists, Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists and Behaviour Support Specialists can be found in seven offices in and around Sydney.

Better Rehab Sydney Clinics

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Better Rehab Sydney skilled Occupational Therapists work with participants aged between six and 65 (as well as family and carers) to provide tailored Occupational Therapy to support you at home, at work and in the community. We support you in finding ways to enhance your day-to-day life and social connectivity.

We can help you make changes to your home so you can move around with greater ease, and prescribe assistive technology or devices. We can offer support if you are diagnosed with conditions such as Autism Spectrum Disorder or Autism to help you meaningfully engage with activities that matter most to you.

At Better Rehab Sydney, we believe independence and mobility are key aspects of good health and wellbeing. So our skilled Physiotherapists help adults and children get the most out of life by providing a range of tailored and proven treatments and therapies.

They will help you improve your mobility, balance, movement, posture, strength, coordination and management of chronic conditions. In your home or in our Sydney clinic, we’ll thoroughly assess your abilities and work with you on a tailored Physiotherapy plan to help you achieve your goals.

Better Rehab Sydney Positive Behaviour Support Practitioners provide a person-centred approach to behaviour that is focused on improving quality of life and reducing behaviours of concern. We work closely with you and your family, carers and support networks (and with other service providers like your Occupational Therapist) to develop intervention plans and strategies that allow you to live your best life.

Our team can help prepare you for school, work or other social activities, assist in developing communication and social skills, and build your mental health, flexibility and resilience.

At Better Rehab Sydney, we understand that it can sometimes be difficult to receive support in person. Our Telehealth services give you access to the highest standards of expert care through simple, user-friendly technology. This means you can receive therapy or be assessed without the need for travel or physical contact.

At Better Rehab Sydney, our Speech Pathologists help adults and children who have difficulties or impairments in speech (articulation of sounds), receptive language (understanding language), expressive language (using language), social communication, voice, fluency (stuttering), literacy and swallowing.

We tailor therapy and support services to participants and their families, friends and carers, and prescribe Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) where necessary. Better Rehab Sydney Speech therapy services may benefit you if you have been diagnosed with a neurological condition, an intellectual or developmental delay or hearing impairment.

At Better Rehab Sydney, we believe everyone, regardless of ability or lifestyle, benefits from regular activity and healthy eating. Our Exercise Physiologists can help you be more active by improving your fatigue levels, coordination, balance, strength, endurance and mental health.

They work with you to improve your wellbeing in ways you enjoy and which are safe for you. Our programs are tailored to your individual needs and focused on making you feel safe and comfortable.

Better Rehab Sydney provides specialist support to infants, children and young people up to the age of 16. Our team of Occupational Therapists, Speech Pathologists, Physiotherapists and Behaviour Support Practitioners partner with you as the parent, carer or guardian to set meaningful goals (relating to home and school tasks, building relationships and friendships, and taking part in your local community) for your child’s development, and support you in helping them achieve those goals.

If you are diagnosed with conditions such as Autism Spectrum Disorder or Autism, we can offer support and help you meaningfully engage with activities you enjoy. Sydney Occupational therapists for children with autism work to help children overcome their challenges and improve their skills.

Better Rehab Sydney Driver Trained Occupational Therapists specialise in assessing fitness to drive and offer driver rehabilitation services to get you behind the wheel safely and comfortably. That includes:

  • Off-road Occupational Therapy driving assessments to test your vision, thinking and physical fitness to drive (about 1.5 hours)
  • Practical on-road Occupational Therapy NDIS driving lessons customised to your usual driving style (about 1-2 hours)
  • Driver rehabilitation services and re-training after an illness or injury
  • Ergonomic assessments to ensure that your vehicle is set up correctly for your needs
  • Vehicle modifications to ensure that your car meets your physical requirements.

Better Rehab Sydney Reviews

Better Rehab Sydney
Based on 67 reviews
Leonie Shillingford
00:09 27 Jun 22
Fantastic team. Always ready to take your call no matter what the question. My daughter looks forward to her 1:1 support session. Couldn't be happier 😊
Hans Colom
02:19 20 May 22
Really friendly and helpful occupational therapists in Better Rehab
Matthew Stainer
02:09 17 May 22
Annette McGuire
00:05 14 May 22
Very appreciable, helpful and professional
Eloise French
16:21 29 Apr 22
Damian Small
16:17 29 Apr 22
My speech therapists at Better Rehab Penrith is very caring and supportive.
Jessica Bontrager
19:49 28 Mar 22
Better Rehab Central Coast has provided my autistic son with Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy for the past two years. I'd like to express my thanks to the therapists and staff for making our time there so easy.
Stephane Vernel
14:00 03 Mar 22
My autistic son received excellent occupational therapy from the Better Rehab Blacktown team, and I cannot thank them enough for their dedication and professionalism. In addition, they created an excellent NDIS functional assessment report.
Kate Ahern
23:03 02 Mar 22
Jess was very lovely and understood what I needed
Erin Featherstone
23:24 18 Feb 22
Jess was lovely. She was easy to talk to, thorough, friendly, supportive and empathetic.
Rosanna Bruno
00:41 11 Feb 22
Our kids love going to Better Rehab. It's so much fun for them. And speech therapists and the staff are wonderful!
Roman Griehsler
00:10 11 Feb 22
Better Rehab Bankstown is one of the better NDIS organisations that supports people with disabilities
Katheryn Read
00:05 11 Feb 22
We desperately needed to find a speech therapist who understood my daughter and was able to make her feel comfortable so she could learn. I would highly recommend Better Rehab Blacktown.
Igor Vadyunin
03:15 24 Jan 22
I am extremely impressed with the knowledge, qualifications, and dedication of Better Rehab's speech therapists.
James Bradley
12:42 20 Jan 22
As I have been to many autism therapy places with my son, Better Rehab has been one of the best. The variety of toys is always fresh and new. My son looks forward to going back to meet his occupational therapist!
Paul Christopher
18:34 06 Jan 22
Our Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy sessions have been nothing short of exceptional. Both of our therapists are extremely passionate about helping kids.
Larry McKillop
13:11 22 Dec 21
I felt kindness, consideration, and understanding during our phone conversation about my son's needs with his disability. I can't wait to see what Better Rehab can do for him.
Anne Doherty
13:03 22 Dec 21
Amazing OT team who provide fantastic, research-based advice for my little one. I wouldn't go anywhere else!
Linda L
19:20 07 Dec 21
Great Occupational Therapy service! Better Rehab OT takes great care to support people through the NDIS process and get the best results for their clients
James Greeley
07:53 07 Dec 21
Great occupational therapists here, I really appreciate the better rehab team at this facility. They are considerate, friendly, and well-mannered.
Bryon Raikes
06:09 17 Nov 21
I highly recommend Better Rehab because they serve a number of services in one place, particularly speech therapy. Highly trained NDIS occupational therapists and their approach is excellent.
Darren Segal
12:58 10 Nov 21
Our thanks go to Central Coast NDIS occupational therapists who helped us purchase mobility scooter through NDIS funding.
Karen Taylor
01:50 09 Nov 21
‪The Better Rehab Blacktown staff gave me excellent advice, and I received daily exercise instructions via email afterward
My Contact
05:12 11 Oct 21
Better rehab continues to push you to your potential,and they never give up on you ,thank you .
Lauren Holloway
18:47 05 Oct 21
Better Rehab gets high marks from me! My wrist was broken, and I had to get surgery done on it. The team at Better Rehab Central Coast worked tirelessly to restore my full range of motion. They're all friendly, enthusiastic, and dedicated to their jobs.  This is the place to go if you need any type of hand therapy. I promise, you will not be disappointed!
Roberto Scotto
06:22 29 Sep 21
It was wonderful to see occupational therapists from Better Rehab Bankstown assist my father in purchasing a Mobility Scooter that was funded by the NDIS. I was very impressed by their service and friendliness. Everything was exactly as I expected.
Irina Gerch
23:15 27 Sep 21
Amanda Haynes
05:49 27 Sep 21
I have had the best occupational therapy experience at Better Rehab Wyong. , most of OT's who I met were quite busy and just tried to teach me some exercises and were not quite care about my progress. Michael, the Wyong Better Rehab OT is the one who is actually care about his own patients and their progress. If you need an occupational therapist, do not hesitate to contact Better Rehab team!
Thush Kinglake
04:07 24 Sep 21
Max Williams
13:25 17 Sep 21
I went to the NDIS funded Better Rehab in Dee why to consult an Exercise Physiologist for the ongoing back pains and neck pains I had for months, and from day one I could see improvements in myself and now the pains are almost nonexistent thanks to the experts here.
david fisher
23:34 16 Sep 21
Laura Miller
13:32 16 Sep 21
When I was having a really bad knee injury, I went to the NDIS supported Better Rehab Macquarie Park, and I'm very happy with the results. I want to express my gratitude to the whole team of physiotherapists at this center for their thoughtful and competent services, as well as their pleasant demeanor. All of them are absolutely amazing at what they do and I can't recommend them enough.
Anna Ling
06:52 14 Sep 21
I did physiotherapy in Better Rehab Blacktown because I have had a serious hand injury and they really helped me to speed up my recovery, they have help me NDIS funding for physiotherapy.
00:16 10 Sep 21
David Brown
11:18 07 Sep 21
The folk at Blacktown Better Rehab have done an amazing job at helping my son get better with Positive Behavior Support, and through NDIS. It's been an amazing experience with them and they deserve all the good praise they're getting and more.
Sally Morgan
23:08 03 Sep 21
Holly Murphy
04:41 03 Sep 21
Kalpani Dissanayake
21:52 02 Sep 21
Nimra Savanghan
05:44 18 Aug 21
Thiyansa Dissanayake
06:31 11 Aug 21
Excellent service and guidance
Jessica Lewis
06:04 03 Aug 21
A huge shout out to the occupational therapists team at Better Rehab in Dee Why. They have helped my father regain mobility with therapy and ensured we got the best care. Thank you!
Thush Kinglake
04:05 03 Aug 21
Easy to book. A totally professional and pleasant experience. A great service from Seven Hills occupational therapist.
Jenny Prideaux
00:14 31 Jul 21
Mal L'ge
08:13 29 Jun 21
A great NDIS service provider. Majority of my clients are using Better rehab for OT and Natalie been awesome to deal with, very professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend them as they are a great team and you can't go wrong.
Sanaa Choubasi
00:19 13 May 21
Kerry Newlyn
23:33 10 May 21
Have been taking my son to OT for 2 or 3 years now and he is so happy to see them, we have just started physio for the last few months and he enjoys going, this week the team at Better Rehab went way out for me and my son, they managed to get him an appointment with a speech therapist from Better Rehab, I am extremely grateful and very happy with the service they have given us, I won't be leaving the team at better Rehab, and I recommend this company for anyone in need, my son has autism, adhd, odd,ocd, and every sensory disorder that is in the book and then some that are not in the book, they have treated us with respect and are always kind, they always have the time for me and my son, Better Rehab has an amazing understanding of what we have to go through on a daily basis and are happy to help us on our journey.5 stars, well recommended Kerry xxx
Stacey Hilson
23:30 08 Mar 21
Sam Previtera
22:05 03 Mar 21
05:39 07 May 20
Excellent Happy Helpful Friendly Knowledgeable Staff!!!
Harvey Joyce
10:21 29 Nov 19
Harvey Joyce
10:20 29 Nov 19
Harvey Joyce
10:19 29 Nov 19
Shane Elliott
04:46 26 Apr 19
My Physio and OT was brilliant. I used a couple of ndis companies before Better Rehabilitation, now I won't go anywhere else. You got me for life. Haha.
Simonne Nathan
05:15 12 Mar 19
Great team. I was particularly happy with the service I received from the Taylor, the OT. I'm so happy I across Better Rehabilitation when google searching. Thanks for all your help!
Matthew Oates
05:57 11 Mar 19
So happy with Better Rehabilitation! We used their speech pathologist and physio after being recommended the service from a friend who uses one of their OT's. They stepped us through the NDIS and put my mind at ease. Could not recommend Better Rehabilitation more highly!
Christine Taylor
00:29 09 Jan 19
We have used OT and Speech Therapist services from Better Rehab. Would highly recommend. They come to you and really include you in the planning.
Samantha Davis
02:58 08 Jan 19
I was recommended to use Better Rehabilitation by my support coordinator. I was so impressed with the service and communication. I had previously seen another OT for an assessment and after 2 months of me calling and hearing nothing back, asked my support coordinator to use another OT service. Within 2 weeks of being involved with Better Rehabilitation, I had a hospital bed, mattress and commode approved. I honestly couldn't recommend Better Rehabilitation highly enough.
luke kenton
04:02 21 May 18
Agatha Court
03:58 21 May 18
Would highly recommend better rehab :)
Nick Douros
03:54 21 May 18
Josh Orchard
03:54 21 May 18
My cousin saw one of the speech therapist from better rehab. They have helped her so much and she has made huge gains since they started treatment.
Peter Perosh
08:11 26 Sep 17

Get in touch with Better Rehab Sydney

    Frequently asked questions

    People also ask

    Frequently asked questions

    An occupational therapist will complete a comprehensive functional assessment, including asking about symptoms (cognitive, physical, emotional) and exploring functional issues in detail. An occupational therapist will use this information to determine what you need and want in your everyday life, as well as what obstacles you may face in achieving those goals.

    Better Rehab Sydney is a registered provider of NDIS services. Our services include:

    Occupational Therapy
    Speech Therapy
    Exercise Physiology
    Positive Behaviour Support
    Occupational Therapy Children
    Driving Assessments
    Functional Capacity Assessments

    Yes. If you have not seen one of Better Rehab therapists before, you will require an assessment. An assessment helps us to identify your needs and work out how many sessions you require to work towards your goals

    Yes, you can make changes to your service at any time. Depending on the changes, we may require an amendment to your Service Agreement or to update the portal booking.

    We have many clinicians on staff who have experience working with children and teenagers of all ages as well as their families and support workers at home, in schools, and in the community. Take a look at our occupational therapy children page for more information.

    You need to have funding in the support area of Improved Daily Living in your NDIS plan. This is called CB Daily Activities on the NDIS Portal.

    People also ask

    Our therapists will work with you on identifying your needs based on your NDIS goals and plan. During this consultation you can choose how many hours of therapy you would like and how often you would like each type of therapy.

    It is important we allocate time to write NDIS reports to:
    • Ensure we can accurately monitor your progress against your goals
    • Develop your applications for approval of items like home modifications or assistive technologies
    • Support your plan reviews to ensure you receive the required amount of funding for your ongoing support

    Our therapists will develop goals with you during your initial assessment. These goals may change over your plan period, based on your progress and priorities.

    An NDIS plan is a document that outlines the individual’s goals for now or longer terms. It also includes their current level of independence, skills, and support needs.

    The plan is developed in consultation with the individual, their family members or carers, and other professionals in the community who are involved in supporting them.

    Yes. We have clinicians that are mobile and can provide you with the services you need, either at home, telehealth or Better Rehab Sydney Clinic.

    What can Sydney OT do for you to help you get back to everyday life?

    What specialised training does your Sydney therapist have?

    Does Sydney therapist have any recommendations for reading up on your condition?

    What will you need to do at home to incorporate what you learn in the clinic?

    Better Rehab Sydney and the NDIS

    Better Rehab Sydney is a registered NDIS provider. If you are an NDIS participant in the Sydney and New South Wales region, our Sydney office can develop and deliver Allied Health services to help improve your quality of life.

    Our NDIS services include Occupational Therapy in the Sydney and New South Wales region, Physiotherapy in the Sydney and New South Wales region, Exercise Physiology in the Sydney and New South Wales region, Positive Behaviour Support Practitioner in the Sydney and New South Wales region and Functional Capacity Assessment in the Sydney and New South Wales region.

    Areas serviced by Better Rehab Sydney

    Wentworth Point
    Rouse Hill
    Macquarie Park
    Box Hill
    Marsden Park
    Blue Mountains
    Baulkham Hills
    Winston Hills
    St Leonards
    North Kellyville
    North Ryde
    East Ryde
    Blue Haven
    Bateau Bay
    East Gosford
    Mount Druitt
    Bateau Bay
    Mona Vale
    Sydney Olympic Park
    Woy Woy
    Oran Park
    Quakers Hill
    The Ponds
    Wider New South Wales Region