Craft your day your way to enjoy better work-life balance at Better Rehab

Discover how and why we’re setting industry standards in workplace flexibility

At Better Rehab, we’re always looking for ways to make life better for our participants and work life better for all our employees.

We understand that everyone has commitments, interests, and life goals outside of work – and that they can change at any time.

So from the get-go we’ve offered Better Rehabbers greater flexibility and a selection of work options to enable them to structure their work life to better accommodate their out-of-work life – and continue to love what they do!

Work-life balance has been found to foster greater job satisfaction and engagement and improved well-being. When employees have workplace flexibility they can feel more empowered and motivated and are less likely to experience burnout and other stresses. At Better Rehab, we believe that good work-life balance helps our dedicated Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Speech Pathologists, Exercise Physiologists, Positive Behaviour Support Practitioners and support team members be the best version of themselves, to provide quality support to help participants enjoy a better quality of life.

This is why we created Better Flex

Our Better Flex Program offers greater flexibility to our employees, making it not just unique but an industry-first.

Unlike most Allied Health providers that tie clinicians to a set daily schedule, Better Flex enables everyone who works at Better Rehab to choose the hours and days they work, so they can make the most of their other commitments, like family, study, sport, volunteering, and caring for a loved one.

With Better Flex we can also accommodate a variety of work patterns, from flexible schedules to compressed work periods and staggered working hours, and create one-off arrangements based on your commitment to your team, and to your participants.

For example, you can visit participants in the morning on Wednesdays so you can join your netball team in the afternoon, then write your reports after your game in the evening. Or you can structure your days around the morning and afternoon school runs – and school events too. You can even schedule your appointments and other work commitments so you can get a long weekend.

It’s all about creating a work schedule that suits you and your participants and meets your PCH requirements.

Physiotherapist and mum Janelle is enjoying improved work-life balance with Better Flex as it enables her to work from home and around her husband’s roster so she hasn’t have to ‘worry about childcare for our children’. Find out more about how Janelle uses Better Flex to fit her work around her family.

A (flexible) day in the life of one of our OTs

All our clinicians, including our OT who shared her “day-in-the-life” at Better Rehab, are able to structure their days and weeks to suit their commitments and personal preferences – and the needs of their participants.

The OT who shares her day has mapped out her commitments to suit her and her participants’ needs. She starts her day a little earlier to be able to chat with her colleagues before they head out to appointments because these catchups make her ‘feel really supported’.

She has also chosen to start her plan review report in the morning as there are more senior clinicians on hand for assistance, and sets her appointment with her participant in the middle of the day to free up time in the afternoon to complete her report.

Other ways Better Rehab helps you enjoy better work-life balance

In addition to Better Flex, Better Rehab gives you a variety of options to help you maintain good work-life balance including: –

  • Adjusting your work hours so you can start earlier or later, to suit your commitments outside of work like children, sport and
  • Working in a part-time or job-sharing capacity
  • Taking long-term unpaid leave to travel, take a career break, or pursue projects that you are passionate about without breaking your continuity of service
  • Relocating interstate. Better Rehab has offices around Australia which you can request to transfer to. Read about our Physiotherapist Andy, who moved from Sydney to Queensland’s Gold Coast!
  • Managing your own diary, which means having complete autonomy to structure your day how you think best, as long as it fits the preferences of your participants and the rest of your team. For example, if you prefer to complete therapy in the mornings and focus on administrative tasks in the afternoon, this is something you can absolutely do!

Sounds good?

If industry-leading flexibility and life-friendly work options appeal to you, and you would like to enjoy a meaningful career in Allied Health, check out our current job openings. Or if you’re studying Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Pathology or Exercise Physiology, or Positive Behaviour Support, check out our industry-leading Graduate Program that’s been designed by experienced clinicians who provide vital know-how, insights and support throughout the 12-month program.

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