Taking a big step towards independence

Alex has just secured his very first job, thanks to the remarkable progress he has made with a Better Rehab exercise physiology program

Alex has been a toe walker – a condition associated with Alex’s autism – since childhood. This has dramatically reduced his mobility, put him at constant risk of falling and made getting paid employment a real challenge.

But Alex has now taken a big step towards independence by getting a part-time job as a barman in his local pub.

Alex connected with Better Rehab exercise physiology team leader, Travis King, more than a year ago with the goal of securing and maintaining a job. Travis developed a therapy plan for Alex, where they performed pool exercises for his general lower limb mobility as well as retraining exercises for balance and gait.

After seeing improvement in just a few months, they advanced to completing land-based exercises at Alex’s home using a treadmill, TheraBand and body weights. They eventually moved to completing gym-based exercises in the community, where Alex meets Travis every fortnight.

“It’s so inspiring to see how much he has progressed within a 12-month period,” says Travis. “Alex is now able to do heel strikes in his land-based exercises and walk around his community with confidence. He isn’t much of a talker, but definitely a pleasure to work with!”

For the remainder of Alex’s NDIS plan, they aim to improve his bilateral ankle flexibility through knee-to-wall tests and functional mobility through increased repetitions of sit-to-stand tests. Alex will also continue engaging in community-based activities at least once a week.

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