Occupational therapy and physiotherapy team up for Craig

Better Rehab collaborates with the Yerin Muru Bara NDIS Team!

Craig has a diagnosis of hereditary spastic paraplegia (HSP), which causes increased muscle stiffness and weakness in the legs. This causes walking difficulties, increase in pain levels and abnormal sensation in the lower limbs. Unfortunately, he has not received allied health support since his diagnosis. He experiences multiple falls and injuries a day, and is unable to move around safely in the community or even at home as his wheelchair and walker are in disrepair.

His support coordinator Kim is from Yerin Muru Bara, which provides disability support to people living on the Central Coast, Darkinjung Country! Kim teamed up with Better Rehab’s occupational therapist Madeleine and physiotherapist Kelci, working together to get Craig the mobility aids he urgently needs.

Now he can move around safely with his brand-new wheelchair and walker!

From an OT perspective, Madeleine sees that Craig’s showering routine is unsafe as he has been using the support of his shower frame to hold himself up whilst showering. Madeleine discusses equipment options with him, including some suction rails, non-slip floor mats and a shower chair. Kelci agrees with these equipment suggestions, and these items were ordered and promptly delivered by his local mobility shop!

Craig showing off his new equipment

With these items in place, Craig can now shower safely. The shower chair doubles as a support chair for Craig to use for drying himself – definitely a safer option compared to the edge of his bathtub! Although this is only a temporary fix, Craig can manage his showering, dressing and drying regime independently and feels comfortable and safe doing so.

Craig’s future goals include participating in hydrotherapy and a gym-based exercise program, which will help reduce his risk of falls and improve his mobility, balance and strength! Both Kelci and Madeleine are also hopeful he will be able to access a mobility scooter and power lift recliner chair in the future.

“Muru Bara” means “Making Pathways” in Darkinjung language, and we can’t wait to see the many pathways Craig will be making as he works towards his goals!

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