Exploring the world on her own terms

Madison can now participate in community-based activities with the support of Better Rehab’s multidisciplinary team.

As children grow, it’s only natural for them to want to experience more of the outside world. But young Madison, born with trisomy 1q and vestibular syndrome, found it anxiety-inducing and challenging to go outdoors due to her conditions affecting her fine motor skills and balance. 

Madison and her family first connected with Better Rehab to get brand-new assistive technology with the support of an Occupational Therapist. They also had regular therapy sessions – until Madison’s anxiety caused her to stop going. 

In true Better Rehab fashion, the superstar clinicians in our Penrith team brainstormed on how to make life better for Madison, and decided a multidisciplinary approach would be best. 

Multidisciplinary approach to therapy 

Comprised of an Occupational Therapist (Kaylee Felstein), a Physiotherapist (Mary Nguyen), and a Behaviour Support Practitioner (Amy-Lee Sullivan), the multidisciplinary team (MDT) developed smaller yet targeted goals for Madison to focus on. 

The top priority was to address the anxiety Madison felt when stepping out of the house. Amy-Lee prescribed Madison to attend a new program called Live and Learn, which she attends every Tuesday, as well as a transition plan. Madison has had so much fun with the program that she is now asking her mum when she can next go to it! 

While working on her anxiety, Madison also received Kaylee’s support in choosing and getting her new wheelchair, which she uses to get out and about in the community when walking long distances is not possible. Kaylee is also working on additional home modifications to ensure Madison is confident moving around, in and out of the house. 

Previously, Maddison had been scared of playing with a ball. But with Mary’s support, she’s now able to catch and throw flawlessly – and have fun while she’s doing it! 

Madison also used to need to have someone holding her hand when she was out walking. But through hard work and the exercises prescribed by our Physio, she can now walk without holding anyone’s hand. In fact, she recently walked independently for over a kilometre! 

Madison’s family is extremely grateful for the support provided and the successes seen with Madison. For their part, the Better Rehab team loves helping Madison achieve her goals. 

“Madison is amazing to work with. She always makes you laugh and is always keen for a chat,” says Amy-Lee. “With her reaching so many milestones this fast, I’m very excited to see how soon she can reach her next goals and ultimately live her best life.” 

Want to learn more about Better Rehab’s multidisciplinary approach to therapy or connect with our superstar clinicians? 

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