Dennis gains comfort and independence with assistive tech

Three assistive technologies help Dennis shower, sit and move about safely and comfortably.

Dennis had a stroke in 2013 and experienced left side paralysis. The paralysis affected his ability to walk long distances and to complete daily tasks without help. He reached out to Better Rehab and worked with Occupational Therapist Caitlyn to find solutions for the following:

  • He wanted to go out into the community with his wife, Maria, but without having to rely too much on her so that they can both enjoy their time together. Dennis had an off-the-shelf, manual wheelchair which Maria had to push long distances. This was tiring for her, so at times Dennis had to stay home while his wife went shopping or visited friends.
  • Dennis wanted a more supportive chair that could assist him to stand as he has dialysis several days a week. Moving from a sitting to a standing position is difficult for Dennis due to his reduced mobility and strength.
  • Dennis was getting very tired from having to complete up to eight transfers a day in the bathroom during his self-care routines. This was also unsafe.

The right assistive technology can transform a person’s life. With Caitlyn’s help, Dennis was able to access three technologies tailor-made for his needs!

  • Astris PME manual wheelchair (Helio C2) with power assist (Light Drive). Dennis can now go into the community with his wife Maria without her having to push him or him being left at home. As Caitlyn says, “I completed training with Dennis and his wife several times to use the power assist and now Dennis and his wife can use this independently to go wherever they like!” Dennis can now accompany his wife and go to the park and the shops, visit family and friends and have lunch together!

Maria, Dennis and Caitlyn showing off Dennis’s new wheels!

  • Life recliner. Dennis can also now sit comfortably in a recliner while completing dialysis for several hours per day and be assisted to stand up using the lift feature.

(bullet point) Custom-made commode. Dennis now doesn’t have to complete several transfers in the bathroom as he can use the commode for toileting, showering and grooming – making things much easier and safer for him and his wife supporting him!

“I am so happy that now I can go out with Maria instead of staying at home,” shares Dennis. “This gives me so much more freedom and time out of the house to do more things in the community.”

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