An Interview with Thomas – our NSW Principal Physio

Known as ‘Tom’, he is our Principal Clinician for Physiotherapy in New South Wales.

What made you interested to study Physiotherapy?

I’m from a rugby background so spent a fair amount of my childhood getting patched up by physios. After sustaining a big injury and making a subsequent return to the field, I became fascinated with how the human body works and how it can be adapted through therapy. I coupled this fascination with my ongoing interest in Biology and Physical Education and applied to study Physio at University

What is your favourite part about working with people living with disability and neurological disorders?

I really enjoy working in this discipline as you can often make such a big difference to someone’s quality of life through making seemingly small adjustments. The smallest improvement really can make the biggest difference to a participant, so imagine how exciting it is when you make a big adjustment that makes an enormous impact on someone’s life.

Can you think of a time recently that made you feel really proud to be working with Better Rehab and NDIS participants?

We worked with a participant to teach her the necessary skills to get on and off the floor if she were ever to fall, and this was put to good use the other day when unfortunately she did fall but was able to get up off the floor with minimal assistance and no injury sustained.

What is something unique or interesting about you?

I’ve been on two world travel trips, lived and worked in three countries and have completed 3 skydives!