How to help your child get ready to ride a bike

Just 30 minutes of moderate cycling can help improve your child’s memory, reasoning & planning.

Better Rehab Physiotherapist & team leader at our Tarragindi office, Sarah W, shares exercises to help your child to work toward bike riding in her article in Kids Expo Magazine.

Tips from Sarah’s article include:

  1. Muscle Strength – Jumping games, climbing activities, going up stairs
  2. Endurance – Stationary bike, tricycle, scooter, training wheels (for a limited time)
  3. Motor Planning & Coordination – Scissor jumps, crab walking, watching other people ride bikes, riding on the back of your bike to get used to the movement.
  4. Core Stability & Balance – Sitting on a cushion with legs off the floor throwing & catching a ball, sitting swiss ball exercises, standing wobble board exercises, scooter, balance bike
  5. Adaptive Bikes – Bikes that are modified to fit the needs of an individual rider, recumbent trike, tandem bike, kids trikes

Check out the full article, “Exercises to help get your child riding!” on page 56 here: