Flexible working options at Better Rehab

In this article, we’ll talk about flexible work and how we do it at Better Rehab!

The COVID-19 pandemic turned the workplace as we knew it onto its head, with many businesses embracing flexible working arrangements. We at Better Rehab were early adopters and have integrated them into our business from the get go. At Better Rehab, employees can choose to work from home or in an office environment, structure their day based on their needs, and choose to work part-time or flexible hours to achieve work/life balance.

Flexible work is any work arrangement that gives the individual the option to move away from the traditional work structure of being in an office environment five days a week, eight hours a day. This includes changing one’s work hours, place or practice. The value and feasibility of flexible work have been debated for many years, and with the pandemic causing a sudden shift to remote work, flexible work moved up employees’ priority list for job satisfaction.

Even before the lockdowns, people in the workforce have been demanding access to flexible work. A 2019 Forbes article cited research showing that some would even prefer flexible working over a pay raise, and called flexible working “the way of the future”. However, many companies still stuck to the traditional work structure out of habit, fear or a perceived idea that the traditional structure still works best.

Benefits of Flexible Work

But now, the future is here. The pandemic forced a shift in attitude towards flexible and remote work, accelerating change due to necessity and concern for safety. Certain companies have even announced that employees can work from home as long as they like. As research shows, technology including cloud sharing and various communication tools have enabled people in certain industries to work wherever and whenever they want without negatively affecting productivity, making these arrangements possible.

Employees cite several benefits as to why they prefer flexible work:

  • Being able to meet family and other personal obligations
  • Avoiding the stress and cost of commuting from home to work
  • Increased focus on output or outcomes instead of hours spent in the office
  • Control over the work environment
  • Control over workflow

This also translates to benefits for companies, as employees are less prone to burnout, feel empowered and feel more motivated to fulfill the requirements of their role as they do not need to sacrifice commitments in other areas of their life. It is important for us Better Rehabbers to be focused, empowered and motivated as we work with vulnerable populations who require support and careful attention.

Flexible Work at Better Rehab

There are many permutations to flexible working available at Better Rehab. Here, you can:

  • Work from home throughout your working week, either on a permanent or ad-hoc basis
  • Adjust your work hours so that you can start earlier or later, and finish at a respective time, in order to balance your commitments outside of work
  • Work in a part-time or job-sharing capacity
  • Take passionate leave, or long-term unpaid leave so you can travel, take a career break, or pursue projects that you are passionate about without breaking your continuity of service
  • Relocate interstate if you prefer to work at another Better Rehab location; read about our Physiotherapist Andy, who has moved from Sydney to sunny Gold Coast!
  • Manage your own diary, which means having complete autonomy to structure your day how you think it’s best, as long as it fits the preferences of your participants and the rest of your team; for example, if you prefer to complete therapy in the mornings and focus on administrative tasks in the afternoon, this is something you can absolutely do!

Aside from these flexible working options, we have other perks that you can read about here.

Sounds good?

We hope this was a helpful overview of what flexible working means and how we do it at Better Rehab! If you are curious to know what a typical day is like here, read an account from one of our Occupational Therapists.

If you believe flexible working suits you best and you would like to start or continue a meaningful career in Allied Health, check out our current job openings.