Competition – Most Client Friendly Space

Better Rehab Occupational Therapy teams each created client friendly spaces in their offices.


Our teams at Better Rehab have been celebrating all the things we love about OT with a week of fun activities among all offices.

This week we challenged our occupational therapy teams across Australia to create a friendly space in their office which our participants would find relaxing, interactive, stimulating and creative!

We asked them to create “The Most Client Friendly Space.”

Each office had one week to organise the space, we gave them the freedom to be creative and use whatever resources they liked, and we asked for input from all clinicians and professionals–not just OT.

Our team in Mulgrave, VIC shared how they put this incredible space together:

“To kick off OT week we put together a participant and clinician friendly corner with multi-sensory stimulation, added with a bit of fun and colour. We searched our office for items and equipment we found that fit within the corner, we chose items OT’s, physiotherapists (PT) and speech pathologists (SP) found enticing, as well as practicing using some of our sensory tools. We added colour (plenty of it), an opportunity for visual stimulation with the lights and bubbles, deep pressure from a body sock and bean bag, as well as smaller sensory tools. Then we got our OT’s to test it out!”

Check out the result:

Our Kew occupational therapy team also had a great time building and testing their space!

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