Staying cool in the pool 😎

All smiles in the Gold Coast with Mark getting his pool rail installed just in time for Summer!

Mark has been working with Emily, a Better Rehab Occupational Therapist and Adina, one of our Physiotherapists, since June 2019.

When we first started working with Mark, he was unable to spend time with his friends and family in his pool. Mark couldn’t get in and out of the pool on his own due to reduced balance, increased fatigue and reduced mobility. Mark has been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, and he experiences weakness in his left upper and lower limbs—as well as reduced range of motion. He also has reduced balance which means he has trouble moving independently.

Because of this, Mark couldn’t use his pool for the hydrotherapy sessions provided by Physiotherapist Adina, so he wasn’t participating in hydrotherapy exercises as regularly as he wanted to.

With the support of Occupational Therapist Emily, a pool rail has been installed that now means Mark can safely get himself in and out of his pool without help! This enables him to regularly participate in hydrotherapy sessions in the comfort of his own pool.

Hydrotherapy and exercises have helped Mark decrease his frequency of falls and has also improved Mark’s overall mood.

More importantly, Mark was able to celebrate Christmas with his family—staying cool in the pool 😎


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