Myth busting at Better Rehab

One of Better Rehab’s Speech Pathologist’s helps Emma communicate with a speech aid.

A common myth is that Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC) devices may impede the development of speech and language skills.

This has been BUSTED by both research and personal experiences of our clients and clinicians.

Bronte, a Better Rehab Speech Pathologist, has been working with Emma, a young woman with Down Syndrome and Autism.

When Bronte first started seeing Emma, she only spoke a total of about 20 words, and she mostly communicated with key word sign.

Bronte worked with Emma to start using a speech generated device loaded with the Language Acquisition through Motor Planning (LAMP) system—an evidence-based therapeutic approach which uses consistent motor plans for accessing vocabulary.

Since starting with the speech communication system, Emma’s verbal output has increased significantly.

Emma is using many more words and has even started communicating in full sentences!

She is now using her speech to express how she is feeling, ask questions, answer questions, making requests, singing and participate socially in conversations.