Introducing the Philips CoughAssist!

How does the CoughAssist work?

Better Rehab is proud to introduce our partnership with Philips!

Our Physiotherapists have all undergone additional competency training in respiratory supports and the use of the Philips Cough Assist device to ensure all of their participants receive the best and latest evidence-based support and treatment in clearing the lungs by simulating a natural cough. This process is similar to a normal deep breath as the CoughAssist gradually applies positive air pressure to obtain a large volume of air within the lungs. The CoughAssist then quickly reverses the flow of air to negative air pressure. This flow helps mobilise secretions out of the airway as a deep, natural cough would do!

If you would like to learn more about the Philips CoughAssist or how one of our Physiotherapists could assist yourself or someone you know, please get in contact with us by phoning 1300 0 REHAB (73422) or email