Interview with singer Rachael Leahcar

Talented songstress Rachael Leahcar shares how being blind helped her develop her voice.

The Better Rehab team was lucky enough interview the incredibly talented singer Racheal Leahcar.

Since she appeared on The Voice back in 2012, she has grown both personally and professionally.

Read about her journey:

1. What’s your first musical memory?

I remember a toy electric guitar my brother used to have. I picked it up one day and was strumming it on my lap, singing about all the things I loved in life (favourite songs, TV shows, family members, etc.). I was about 3 years old. I’ve always been a chatterbox according to my parents, but this is the first time I remember making music! It’s even on our home videos.

2. You’ve grown a lot since your first big exposure on “The Voice” back in 2012, can you tell me what you learned from that experience and how you’ve changed—both personally and professionally since then?

I’ve gone on many adventures because of “The Voice,” from travelling for tours and shows to releasing albums. I’m so grateful for all of these and the life lessons it taught me. I’ve learned about the music industry; who does what, how unpredictable it can be and what’s involved in being successful.

Before “The Voice,” I was a music student at high school and although I was a singer as my part time job and had participated in competitions before, I was lacking experience in the business side, preferring to focus purely on performance.

It can be stressful, at times, but I feel like I’ve gained confidence with my experience and I’m more self-assured and comfortable with my own artistic decisions.

3. How has being blind affected your career progression & the development of your voice?

I feel like being legally blind has driven me towards music every step of my life. Growing up, I used my ears more than any other sense. I listened and copied, and I learnt to talk early.

This is basically how I learnt to sing; I would listen to various singers, imitate them, and from practising different sounds/techniques … I made my own voice.

As a person with a disability, I was hungry to prove myself and show people what I COULD DO to take the focus off what I couldn’t. I was determined and sought out any opportunity to grow as an artist. This hunger has stayed with me until now.

4. What’s unique about the Colours Of My Life tour?

After almost 20 shows around South Australia in the last 4 years, I decided to take this show interstate for some intimate shows in early October.

I start with videos of when I was on “The Voice,” where most people discovered my music, then walk out singing. I show photos and videos from my past and point out significant milestones which had an impact on me.

I also sing the songs that have inspired me throughout my life and speak about what life has been like living as a legally blind person. I hope the people who attend these shows will be able to apply what I’ve learned to their own life, or just enjoy the journey with me.

5. Do you have any advice for aspiring singers?

I would say the most valuable advice I could give is to gain experience and make connections, as much as you possibly can.

Go to gigs, talk to other musicians and venue coordinators, collaborate, start an online presence and most of all, PRACTISE! Lastly, remember your worth. Don’t be afraid to ask for payment for your services when appropriate.

6. What about for people with a disability?

Don’t let anyone else set your limitations. You know what you’re capable of and even if you don’t, you won’t know if you never try.

For a long time, I didn’t accept myself as I was. It can be very tiring living with a disability—things tend to take more organisation, effort and time.

I was in denial about my abilities and thought asking for help was a weakness but it’s not; it’s a strength. Turn your weakness into your strength and you will find life to be so much easier.

7. Is there anything else you’d like to add?

I’m very excited that my “Together For Christmas” album is now available, ready for my favourite time of year! I hope people enjoy the listen and remember to always treat each other with kindness and love.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this interview with such an inspiring woman!

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