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Inspirational 14 year-old Wheelchair Racer

Waryyk “Rooster” Holmes is chook breeder who dreams of going to the Paralympics to rep Australia

We loved watching this video of Rooster talking about his plans for the Oz Day 10 Wheelchair Race at the Australia Day Live event behind the Sydney Opera House.

And we were happy to hear he place 6th, incredible work by such an inspirational person!

Rooster posted about this day on his Facebook, and it's so beautiful we wanted to share:

"10years lead to this... 

At 4 1/2 you dream of being grown up doing grown up things! You watch people, sports, tv shows and those around you and you want to be them you feel bulletproof!

You feel like you can do anything, and no one can stop you....


During my years at primary school there were times where i lost that ambition i was told by kids around me i was useless and spastic and that i will never do anything of purpose in my life because i was damaged,disabled, broken and for a long time i believed it!


Why wouldnt i? They were smarter than me, could run better than, talk better than me, they didn’t look like me!


That all changed when i changed primary schools everybody was welcoming nobody made fun or treated me differently!

My teachers were supportive but didn’t make me standout i was accepted for who i was! I looked up to my 5/6 teacher Mr D still do he taught me to just be me to reach for the stars and showed me i was capable of absolutely anything!


I started to feel that fire within again where i felt i could do/achieve anything!

Life ain’t roses when you have a disability between having to deal with everything that comes with your diagnosis and dealing with peoples’ perceptions of your disability it can be frustrating!


But when you surround yourself with the right people you can achieve anything!!!

This was for Mr D for making me believe in myself!

And for everybody who ever made me feel like i didn’t belong thank you for providing me with the fuel to chase my passions.......


And to anyone else going through what i went through you too can turn all those negatives into positives just shoot for the stars and ‘NEVER LOOK BACK’ "


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