Happy World Hearing Day from Better Rehab!

Our Speech Pathologist Alison talks about the effects of hearing loss on daily life.

Did you know that 1 in 6 Australians experience hearing loss? This World Hearing Day, which coincides with Hearing Awareness Week in Australia, our Speech Pathologist Alison talks about how hearing loss impacts a person’s daily life, and how we can help! Let’s take the time to educate ourselves and ensure that people who are hard of hearing can access resources find the support they need to live a fulfilling life.


Happy World Hearing Day!

My name is Alison and I’m a Speech Pathologist at Better Rehab.

I’m here today to talk about hearing loss.

Hearing loss can impact communication at every stage in life.

For children it might look like difficulty learning how to use speech sounds and understand language.

For adults, it might mean losing conversations with their family and friends.

I work with our participants to make sure that we’re using the right visual strategies and setting up their environment for success.

So if you have difficulty with communication because of hearing loss, please reach out to Better Rehab and we’ll connect you with a Speech Pathologist like myself.

We can work together with you to make sure that you’re getting all the support you need.

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If you would like to book an appointment with Alison or another Speech Pathologist from Better Rehab, please call our friendly Admin team on 1300 0 REHAB (1300 073 422).