Tony whips up a meal

Tony develops his culinary skills with coaching from his Occupational Therapist!

Tony wanted to prepare his own healthy meals using his gas stove and oven, but due to fears around fire, he had to settle with preparing frozen meals using the microwave. He knew this wasn’t the most nutritious option, but he also knew that he needed support to develop the confidence to cook independently.

He engaged Occupational Therapy supports from Better Rehab, and with coaching from our Occupational Therapist Tiffany, Tony is now confident to cook his own meals using his stove top and oven. He has prepared meals including chicken schnitzel, fried onions and mashed potato.

Tony is excited to combine new flavours together. He continues to work with Tiffany to further develop his cooking skills, including moderating cooking temperatures. He is also working on organising his kitchen to make the cooking process easier.

“I am so happy to be able to cook for myself and have a healthy meal ready for tea,” says Tony. “I’m no longer worried about using the gas burner which is great!”

Watch Tony whip up a meal in the video below:


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