Super Sue!

Adina, one of Better Rehab’s Gold Coast Physiotherapists, shares the story of her participant—Super Sue! 💪 ☀️ 👏


Nothing like a walk outside on a beautiful day! Sue has worked super hard over the last few months and has the results to prove it. Sue can now enjoy walks near the water, something that was a bit of a dream when I first met her.

I first met Sue in the middle of the year for an assessment, but I wasn’t able to start intensive therapy until the end of September. This makes her improvements even more amazing because it has only been 3 months!

Sue was in a motor vehicle accident in 2018 where she sustained a traumatic brain injury. As a result, Sue is unable to communicate, has partial weakness on the right hand side and also has neglect on that side, meaning she isn’t aware the right side of her body is there.

Her balance is also affected, as well as her co-ordination. Sue also has impaired cognition and behavioural changes as a result of her brain injury.

When I first met Sue, she was unable to mobilise independently at all. She required assistance on her left side at all times. She was not able to go where she wanted, as she always needed someone with her. Over time in our sessions, Sue was able to walk short distances inside the home with someone supervising close by.

Then we were able to try walking within the community for short distances with only close by supervision. In sessions, we have walked near the ocean, in parks and throughout shopping centres. Over time, we are hoping Sue has the confidence to walk to places by herself, regaining her independence and her ability to participate in activities of her choosing.

Sue can now enjoy walks near the water, something that was a bit of a dream when I first met her, earning her title Super Sue! We are so proud of both Adina and Sue, and we’re super excited to watch Sue continue to make strides towards her independence. 😊


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