Rowan loves music

Rowan enjoys sitting in his bedroom chilling out with some good tunes on his music player! 🎵 📻

Rowan started seeing Brooke, a Better Rehabilitation Occupational Therapist in July 2019.

His mother told Brooke that Rowan loves music, but he couldn’t control when he listened to music due to his limited fine motor skills. Rowan has Spastic Quadriplegia Cerebral Palsy, as well as an intellectual impairment.

After chatting about Rowan’s needs, his mother and Brooke agreed that one of Rowan’s Occupational Therapy goals would be focusing on music—specifically being able to control his music independently.

Brooke researched assistive technology options online, and she was able to source a cd player controlled by a switch (a giant, green button).

Through NDIS funding, Rowan received the cd player and switch.

And with help from his support workers and Occupational Therapist, Rowan learned how to use the switch!

The giant green button acts as an on/off switch allowing Rowan the freedom to listen to his groovy tunes whenever he wants … increasing his independence and achieving his goal! 🎵 📻


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