Paul regains his independence

Paul’s new powered wheelchair gives him access to sunshine and fresh air!

Before receiving his powered wheelchair, Paul was able to leave his home approximately once a month with one-on-one support due to his physical impairment. This was significantly impacting upon his independence, autonomy and overall quality of life.

Better Rehab occupational therapist Tiffany helped set up Paul with a trial and request for funding, submitted to the NDIA. Paul was approved for a powered wheelchair with power tilt, for pressure injury management, improved manoeuvrability on uneven surfaces, and comfort, power seat elevate, to improve accessibility to over head cupboard throughout his kitchen and home and to improve eye contact when having a conversation with others in the community, and powered legrests, to provide support to his lower limbs which are in a fixed extended position.

Now Paul leaves his unit multiple times a day! He enjoys collecting his mail daily, mobilising down to the local shops and chatting with his neighbours within his unit complex, some of whom he hadn’t met before!! He particularly enjoys spending time in the sunshine and fresh air – something which he wasn’t able to do independently before! Paul can access his kitchen and prepare small meals for himself, and is therefore less reliant on his paid supports.

A message from Paul: “Thanks 4 everything uve done 4 me Tiffany, Im so grateful. Uve been so good at everything uve done 4 me. Words cannot express how appreciative I am of u & ur help. Uve changed my life 4 the best. Thank u so much.”


Well done Paul & Tiffany!

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