Now we’re cooking! NDIS OT

Occupational Therapy helps Jen achieve her cooking goals.

Jen started seeing Tiffany, a Better Rehab Occupational Therapist (OT), in March 2018

Jen had never cooked before and was excited to develop her skills in the kitchen!

Working with our OT and her family, Jen decided to focus on meal preparation—with the goal of increasing her engagement in cooking and preparing food for herself and her family.

Soon, Jen was preparing all sorts of savoury and sweet dishes—including pizza, sushi, pasta and bolognese, and cupcakes. She was using both standard kitchen utensils, as well as a modified chopping board organised by her OT.

When her NDIS plan was revised the following year, Jen set goals around going to the shops to purchase ingredients for meal preparation. Tiffany took Jen to the shops where Jen used a shopping list to find and purchase items she needed.

In September 2019, Jen’s family sent through photos of her cooking!

She had been preparing vegetable tofu noodle dishes and chickpea burgers, with the assistance of her support worker.

Jen is a determined young woman who strives for perfection in everything she does. We are so proud of Jen and look forward to working with her to keep kicking her goals!!

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