Max bounces back post-stroke with exercise

Max shows fantastic results with the help of his Exercise Physiology sessions!

After his stroke, one of Max’s concerns was gaining back his balance and coordination so he can get back to doing the things he used to do. One of the activities he wanted to return to is playing sports, whether it is baseball or cricket. He began seeing his Exercise Physiologist Brooke, and through his hard work and dedication, they were able to see incredible improvements.

“Max’s speed in performing new tasks has begun to increase,” Brooke shares. “This includes tasks such as steps, ladder runs and throwing and catching. We have both also noticed an increase in his strength already with a lot more control in movements he has been working on.”

Max and Brooke will continue working on building up his strength and cardiovascular fitness. This will help reduce the risk of further strokes and slowly help him regain his strength pre-stroke.

“Max is always very engaged during his sessions and takes away everything I say to him, implementing his home program into daily tasks to get in extra practice!” Brooke says.

Watch the video below and see for yourself!

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