Chris knocks out his health goals

Meet Chris and his impressive boxing set-up!

Chris has been working so hard on being active and independent and has chosen this set-up himself in order to keep up with his health goals even when at home.

Chris is in remission from prostate cancer. To stay mobile and active, he’d go on long walks, have coffee at a café and spend quality time with his support workers and family. His Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy teams at Better Rehab helped him devise creative ways to continue these meaningful activities even in the safety of his home. For example, the team arranged for Chris to have an easy-pour kettle so he can create his very own café experience and host his family and support workers for coffee. Following his sessions with Physiotherapist Jayden, Chris was encouraged to buy boxing equipment so he can continue working out.

Chris continues to work on building his independence and safety within the home with Occupational Therapist Deni, while his Physiotherapy goals are currently around developing exercise tolerance, strength and cardiovascular function by engaging in long outdoor walks and physical activities through games in the local park.

We are so inspired by your determination Chris, and we can’t wait to see you knock out more goals in the future!

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