Adam finds his voice with a new device

Look at that smile! Adam was finally able to find the communication device that suited him best!



Adam and his mum have been searching in vain for the best communication device to help him better express himself—and now he’s found it!

Adam is minimally verbal and has tried various forms of AAC (Augmentative Alternative Communication) in the past, though none had really stuck. They either offered limited vocabulary, or did not motivate Adam to communicate.

He and his mum then approached Better Rehab to help them find the most suitable form of AAC, a communication system and dedicated speech generating device that Adam can use at home, in school and during employment. With Speech Pathologist Catherine’s help, he’s found a device that suited him best. He has been carrying this device with him at all times—you can see him here proudly showing it off for us.

As Catherine tells us, “For me, it has been very rewarding to see what can be achieved when all involved see the value of supporting an individual to communicate in a method that suits him, rather than expecting him to learn a communication style or method which is not matched to the best of his abilities.”

Adam and Catherine are now focused on integrating this device in all of Adam’s communication opportunities. “His goal is to be able to express words relevant to the activity he is performing at the time, and to request new activities of his own choosing!”

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