Driving Assessments

driving assessments

Driving Assessments

Driving is a highly demanding and complex task and there are many medical conditions that may impact on a person's safety to drive. Therefore, at Better Rehab we offer:

Off-road and on-road driving assessments, to assess your physical and cognitive fitness to drive
Driver rehabilitation (lessons for retraining)
Ergonomic assessments to ensure that the vehicle is set up correctly for you and your needs
Vehicle modifications to ensure that the car meets your physical requirements

Our assessments are run by Driver Trained Occupational Therapists and involve two main parts, an off-road assessment and an on-road assessment.

The off-road assessment is approximately 1.5 hours in duration. This assessment tests your vision, thinking and physical fitness to drive. The on-road component is a practical assessment, that assesses your ability to drive on the road. This test takes between 1 to 2 hours and is customised to your usual driving style.

Driver Trained Occupational Therapists

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