Positive Behaviour Support for Mental Health

Read how one of our PBS practitioners helped a participant cope with anxiety.

Sometimes, aggressive behaviour is a sign that a person is hurting.

Olivia, one of our Positive Behaviour Support practitioners, met with Jarrod* to support him in reducing his verbal aggression towards others. However, it became clear to Olivia that Jarrod was experiencing poor mental health, with assessments suggesting that Jarrod was experiencing significant levels of anxiety.

Olivia worked directly with Jarrod on coming up with appropriate coping strategies that he could implement in his daily life. Just before the current lockdown in New South Wales, however, it became apparent that Jarrod’s mental health was deteriorating. Olivia continued to support Jarrod, keeping him at the centre of his services and supports and giving him choice and control throughout. She also kept in constant contact with Jarrod’s team including his Occupational Therapist and Support Coordinator, advocating for Jarrod to be supported so he can engage with mental health services, including medication review and psychological support.

As a result, Jarrod was given access to community mental health services and has since reported a decrease in anxiety. He has also been more involved in his own supports, actively reaching out to his multidisciplinary team.

By building up a trusting relationship, Olivia was able to approach Jarrod when she noticed he was not doing well and have a discussion with him. Olivia was able not only to provide appropriate support as a preventive measure but to advocate for his safety so that he does not reach crisis, making a real difference in Jarrod’s life.

Accessing Positive Behaviour Support

Positive Behaviour Support practitioners acknowledge that challenging behaviours occur for a reason. These behaviours are often linked to feelings of stress and vulnerability, and may be a response to a past experience, the behaviours of other people or a reaction to something in their environment. At its simplest, Positive Behaviour Support is designed to give each person and their caregivers the tools they need to cope with these situations in a positive way. It’s built on a relationship of mutual trust and respect that acknowledges diversity and promotes equal opportunity. Read more in our guide!

If you would like to book an appointment with Olivia or another Positive Behaviour Support practitioner from Better Rehab, please call our friendly Admin team on 1300 0 REHAB (1300 073 422).

*Jarrod is a pseudonym, as the participant has requested that his name be changed for this story