OT meets Tai Chi for Glenn

With the support of his Occupational Therapist, Glenn is able to establish a routine with tai chi!

A lot of us are currently looking for meaningful activities to fill our days, and Glenn is no different. Having recently stopped working due to chronic back pain and other symptoms, he wanted to establish a routine by engaging in an activity he finds interesting and enjoyable.

With the help of his Occupational Therapist Chanelle, he starts exploring his interests and identifies an activity he likes to do: tai chi! However, his tai chi classes were not always on and sometimes he could not afford to do them regularly.

This doesn’t deter Glenn and Chanelle, however! Together, they are now learning tai chi by streaming online videos. Chanelle is also supporting Glenn with the use of technology, including navigating a Smart TV so he can continue watching and following along with his favourite tai chi videos. Glenn finds tai chi relaxing, and people around him have mentioned to Chanelle on multiple occasions the positive effect that regular tai chi has had on his anxiety, mood and overall wellbeing.

“It has been so wonderful working with Glenn to achieve his goal of engaging in tai chi regularly,” Chanelle says. “Glenn has been eager to learn how to use the technology which he has very limited experience with. He has been noticeably more calm, and it’s been wonderful to see how engaging in a meaningful activity has significantly improved his mood and anxiety.”

As a gentle form of exercise, tai chi has been called “meditation in motion”. With Chanelle at his side and regular tai chi “classes” at home, Glenn is able to relax and focus, allowing him to tackle the more difficult aspects of his day and overcome his challenges.

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