Nick Kyrgios meets Monty, Better Rehab’s own tennis champ!

Nick Kyrgios is a tennis superstar – and a Grand Slam champion, having won the 2022 Australian Open Men’s Doubles with fellow Aussie Thanasi Kokkinakis. Nick knows another champion when he sees one, and that was certainly the case when he came across Better Rehab participant Monty practicing tennis in his wheelchair.

‘Meet Monty, he has Cerebral Palsy, but is still a very ambitious tennis player, he is also learning to play out of the chair!’ Nick proudly said in his Instagram caption. Inspired by Monty’s attitude, he added: ‘This is why I play. Keep believing and dreaming young king.’


How Better Rehab has helped Monty

Better Rehab Occupational Therapist Eliza has been working with Monty for 18 months, and is incredibly proud of him. ‘Working with Monty is fun!’ she says. ‘Every session, Monty is motivated to achieve more than he did the previous session. I always leave our sessions with a smile on my face.’

Monty’s therapy includes fine motor exercises and core exercises like children’s yoga and ‘freeze’ (which involves supporting free movement whilst playing music and holding a pose when the music stops).

Eliza believes the best results can be achieved by making therapy fun for participants directing it at their interests. In Monty’s case, that’s playing tennis.

Eliza also says that it’s important to understand and support participants’ strengths and consider the importance of building a rapport with the family in order to deliver the best outcomes.

It’s the way Better Rehab tries to keep champions like Monty going from strength to strength!

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