Michael expands his vocabulary

Our Speech Pathologist Meryn is all smiles as she shares with us Michael’s story!

Michael has an intellectual disability and used to push away any communication device presented to him, whether its high-tech Augmentative and Alternative Communication or picture boards. But after months of patience and hard work, Michael can now communicate for himself using a communication software on his iPad.

From having 0 words, he now has expanded his vocabulary enough to request for his favourite things: music, high fives and head scratches. He can now also share comments such as “I am happy and having fun!”

The ability to communicate has opened up the world to Michael, who continues to discover what interests him and motivates him. “It is so wonderful to see this man be able to tell others what he wants and how he is feeling,” Meryn shares, who is hopeful that Michael will continue to expand his vocabulary and ability to communicate with others.

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