Cameron enjoys a day out of his wheelchair

After being in a wheelchair with a harness for most of his life, Cameron now has the harness successfully removed!

Cameron is 45 years old, diagnosed with an intellectual disability and cerebral palsy. He has been in a wheelchair with a harness for almost his entire life. Our Positive Behaviour Support practitioner Daria found that the harness was originally put in place to prevent a behaviour in Cameron that no longer exists, and proposed that the harness be removed.

Removing the harness was a true team effort! After receiving overwhelming support for her proposal, Daria worked alongside Occupational Therapist Naomi and Physiotherapist Adi, both from Better Rehab, as well as Cameron’s house supervisor, to make sure the process is as safe and comfortable as possible for Cameron.

“I am so proud of Cameron and the care team,” Daria says. “This is the type of moment makes all the hard work worthwhile.”

This did wonders to Cameron’s mental health and quality of life. With the harness gone, Cameron is now spending a lot of time out of his wheelchair and is very happy. Here he is enjoying the sunshine with a big smile on his face!

Cameron is now also planning to attend hydrotherapy sessions in the coming months. Daria will continue to work with him to increase his social engagement and community access, and to enhance his communication skills to reduce behaviours of concern.

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