Alison expresses herself with PODD

Learn how an app on her iPad and amazing support from Speech Pathology has allowed Alison to communicate!

What if you want to talk to another person but find it hard to express yourself?

You can just imagine Alison’s frustrations! Alison is very social and loves to interact with others, but she is non-verbal with her communication and has difficulties connecting with other people.

Her Speech Pathologist Jackie introduced her to PODD, or Pragmatic Organisation Dynamic Display, a communication app on her iPad. This is a means of communication that she can learn to independently use with a variety of different people across different settings, allowing her to express her basic needs, wants and feelings.

With PODD, she was able to tell Jackie that she ate some cake and watched a movie on her birthday. Alison was so excited to be able to freely express herself that she continued to press “happy” on the app! Jackie and Alison will continue to work together so Alison can use PODD to communicate with more people outside of her home.

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