Simon receives life-sustaining breathing machines

We don’t waste time and work hard to help participants achieve their goals!

Simon urgently needs two non-invasive, life-sustaining breathing machines, but his therapists are not moving fast enough. Unhappy with the poor management of his care and his therapists’ lack of urgency, he turns to Better Rehab.

His Physiotherapist Giorgia immediately goes to work, and now Simon has two breathing machines and can finally attend his children’s soccer games!

Here’s another win: Giorgia’s amazing support has also reduced Simon’s stress and anxiety, which improved his breathing and overall well-being.

“I was very pleased with Giorgia’s proactive approach in sourcing the safer breathing machines with backup batteries,” Simon shares. “All the behind-the-scenes work was done and I didn’t have to worry about it!”

Simon is keen to maintain his independence and quality of life as long as possible, and having his breathing machines – not to mention having excellent and stress-free care – is a step in the right direction!

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