David leaves isolation with Positive Behaviour Support

After years of isolation, David is engaging with the community again with the help of Positive Behaviour Support!

Due to complex health challenges and behaviours of concern, David has spent most of his time in extreme social isolation for a number of years. Majority of his days were spent by himself, without positive engagement with other people.

With the help of his Positive Behaviour Support practitioner, Monique, who works alongside his support staff, David is now able to go out at least four times a week, and for more than an hour each time!

Being out and about and engaging with others have vastly improved his mental health and quality of life. According to Monique, David has been able to attend his medical appointments without displaying behaviours of concern, and recently even had lunch with his housemate in the community.

On his outings, David would go for long drives, visit a local farm to see the horses, or go to a park for lunch. This is amazing progress for David, who hopes to continue increasing his social engagement with others.

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