Staff Spotlight: Andy, Physiotherapist

Meet Andy, one of our Physiotherapists in Queensland!

Andy has recently moved to sunny Gold Coast after working as a senior Physiotherapist with the Better Rehab team in NSW for 2 years! He graduated from Glasgow Caledonian University (UK) in 2009 and previously worked for 5 years with NHS Community Intellectual Disability Service.

He brings with him some wonderful specialties and services to the Gold Coast team, including:

  • Postural Management: Andy has years of experience in supporting people with complex postures, including prescription of custom seating and wheelchairs, and sleep systems. This service ensures the correct postural supports are in place helps to reduce pain and risk of pressure injury, improve comfort, functional ability as well as overall health and wellbeing.
  • Intellectual Disabilities: Andy has years of experience in supporting people with intellectual disability and has developed great communications skills and is excellent at building relationships with this client group. Andy uses a variety of therapies including hydrotherapy and rebound therapy.
  • Multiple and Complex Comorbidities: Andy has experience in the management of complex situations and how different diagnoses impact on each other. He works with participants and their support team to promote self-management and improve function.
  • Falls Prevention: People with a disability are often at an increased risk of falling. Andy works to ensure the right strategies are in place to help reduce the risk of falling, improve mobility and confidence, and help to increase function and independence both at home and in the community.
  • Working within a Multidisciplinary Setting: He has worked closely with other disciplines throughout his career and can determine if participants will benefit from additional support. This enables him to ensure that participants receive a holistic approach that will help them meet their goals as well as their care and therapy needs.

Read on to learn more about Andy.

What made you study Physiotherapy?

While studying Geophysics and playing football (soccer) at Edinburgh University, I had a few injuries that meant I had to visit a Physiotherapist. I became fascinated with the mechanics of how the body works, and eventually changed my career direction to study Physiotherapy.

What is your favourite part about working with our participants?

I love being able to spend time with people and getting to know their story. The bonus of this is that it helps me work with them to develop strategies and build confidence to achieve things they maybe didn’t think were possible.

Receiving awards is great too! I was named Top Trainer by two participants with Intellectual Disability that I visited regularly.

Andy Physiotherapy
Andy holding up his Top Trainer Award

Can you think of a time recently that made you feel really proud to be working with Better Rehab?

We had a participant who had had a significant decline due to progression of their condition. They had developed a highly complex posture and didn’t have any suitable seating, so they were confined to bed virtually all day. This participant had transferred to a care facility due to the increase in care needs. This meant we had a very limited time to do the necessary assessments, trials and applications to provide a customised wheelchair.

Myself and one of our Occupational Therapists were able to complete the assessment and wheelchair application, and through communication with the Support Coordinator and NDIS planner, we were able to get the application approved!

Knowing that I have the ability to make such a positive difference to someone’s quality of life is incredibly rewarding.

What is something unique or interesting about you?

In 2017 I packed my bags and headed on an adventure, arriving in Sydney with no idea where life would take me. Three years later I’ve moved to the Gold Coast and I’m expecting a baby with my Australian fiancé! Safe to say Australia has been good to me.

If you would like to book an appointment with Andy or another Physiotherapist from Better Rehab, please call our friendly Admin team on 1300 0 REHAB (1300 073 422).